Safety of manufactured nanomaterials

Presentations from the Special Session on the "potential implications of manufactured nanomaterials for human health and environmental safety"


Presentations by Keynote Speakers

Clayton Teague (available soon)
"Nanomaterials: Potential Impact on Human Health" by Paul Borm
"Nanotechnology" by Roland Clift

Presentations by Member Countries and Observers

"Issues being Faced in the Regulation of Nano-materials" by Australia/Canada
"Approaches to Societal Impacts of Nanotechnologies in Japan" by Japan
"Interaction of Nano-particles with the Lung" by Switzerland
"Getting Nanotechnology Right the First Time" by Environmental Defense

Papers by Keynote Speakers

"Nanomaterials: Potential Impacts on Human Health and Environment" by Paul Borm
"Nanotechnology: An Example of Risk Management and Regulation in an Emerging Technology" by Roland Clift

Papers from Member Countries and Observers

"Approaches to Societal Impacts of Nanotechnologies in Japan" by Japan

"Nanoscience and nanotechnologies: opportunities and uncertainties – Summary and recommendations" from the Royal Society

"Response to the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering Report" by the UK

"Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament and the Economic and Social Committee" from the European Commission

"Getting Nanotechnology Right the First Time: Environmental Defense's perspective on responsible nanotechnology development" by Environmental Defense

"Opportunities and Risks of Nanotechnologies; A report prepared by Allianz in Co-operation with OECD International Futures Programme" 



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