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  • 17-February-2012


    OECD Guidance to the Environmental Safety Evaluation of Microbial Biocontrol Agents

    This document dealing with biological pesticides is intended to provide guidance to both industry and regulatory authorities, in the context of applications for the approval of microbial biological control agents (mBCAs), and for the registration of microbial biological control products (mBCPs).

  • 27-January-2012


    The Role of Government Policy in Supporting the Adoption of Green/Sustainable Chemistry Innovations

    This report was initiated by the OECD’s Sustainable Chemistry Issue Team. Previous work within the OECD attempted to use patent data to better understand innovative activity in sustainable chemistry. However, more information and analysis is needed to understand the dynamics of innovation in this area, especially from the industrial perspective. In order to begin the process in a preliminary way, researchers from the Yale Center for

  • 20-January-2012


    Report of an OECD Workshop on Metals Specificities in Environmental Risk Assessment

    This is the report of an OECD workshop on metals specificities in environmental risk assessment, held on 7-8 September 2011 in Paris. The workshop was held following a proposal from the Task Force on Hazard Assessment to organise workshops on the hazard assessment of specific groups of chemicals, and identify opportunities for harmonisation of approaches across regions.

  • 10-January-2012


    Report of the Second OECD BioPesticides Steering Group Seminar on the Fate in the Environment of Microbial Control Agents and their Effects on Non-Target Organisms

    This report presents the results of an OECD Seminar (Paris, May 2010) on biopesticide issues related to the fate in the environment of microbial control agents and their effects on non-target organisms.

  • 10-January-2012


    OECD Issue Paper on Microbial Contaminant Limits for Microbial Pest Control Products

    The purpose of this Issue Paper that has been developed by the OECD BioPesticides Steering Group, is to highlight current international microbial contaminant criteria on food and drinking water and to encourage discussions among OECD member countries.

  • 6-January-2012


    Directories and Databases for Chemicals and Biosafety

    To help users find the information that they seek, this is a list of directories and databases on Chemical Safety and Biosafety at the OECD, along with a brief desciption.

  • 3-January-2012


    eChemPortal: Global Portal to Information on Chemical Substances

    An internet gateway providing direct free access to information on the properties of chemicals as well as to hazard and risk assessments.

  • 6-December-2011


    Council Decisions on GLP

    This page details the Council Decisions related to Good Laboratory Practice. The OECD Principles of GLP set out managerial concepts covering the organisation of test facilities and the conditions under which pre-clinical safety studies are executed.

    Related Documents
  • 30-September-2011


    Guidance Document on Crop Field Trials

    This Guidance Document will help in planning the trials in OECD countries and in interpreting the results.It is part of the Series on Pesticides (no. 66).

  • 28-September-2011

    English, , 659kb

    Emission Scenario Document on the Chemical Industry

    This document is based on a report produced by P. van der Poel and J. Bakker of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Netherlands, and overseen by the OECD Task Force on Environmental Exposure Assessment (TFEEA) . The first draft was submitted in June 2003. The TFEEA discussed the first draft at the 11th meeting September 2003 and the second draft at the 12th meeting in September 2004. The draft was

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