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  • 9-January-2002


    Report of the OECD Workshop on the Nutritional Assessment of Novel Foods and Feeds

    The objective of this workshop was to discuss aspects related to the nutritional assessment of novel foods and novel feeds. More specifically, participants reviewed and made recommendations in the following key areas: Nutritional assessment as a tool to substantiate nutritional/efficacy claims and establishing safety; The challenges in assessing the nutritional value of future products for which compensatory changes are expected to

  • 2-January-2002


    Consensus Document on Compositional Considerations for New Varieties of Sugar Beet: Key Food and Feed Nutrients and Antinutrients

    This consensus document addresses compositional considerations for new varieties of sugar beet by identifying the key food and feed nutrients and anti-nutrients. A general description of these components is provided. As well, there is backgroun...

  • 5-December-2001


    Consensus Document on Key Nutrients and Key Toxicants in Low Erucic Acid Rapeseed (Canola)

    This consensus document identifies the key nutrients, toxicants, and other constituents that may contribute to the nutritional or anti-nutritional properties of low erucic acid rapeseed (canola). It contains a general description of the use of low erucic acid rapeseed as both a food and a feed product. The main nutrients, toxicants, and other constituents in both low erucic acid rapeseed oil and low erucic acid rapeseed meal are

  • 27-November-2001


    LMOs and the Environment: An International Conference, Raleigh-Durham, the United States, 27-30 November 2001

    The objective of the Conference was to bring together a diverse group of participants for a constructive dialogue on the underlying science for assessing transgenic organisms in the environment. The emphasis was on transgenic crops because these ...

  • 6-September-2001


    Inter-Agency Network for Safety in Biotechnology (IANB)

    Nine of these Organisations (CGIAR, CBD, FAO, OECD, OIE, UNCTAD, UNIDO, WHO and WTO) have projects related to safety in biotechnology and have agreed that it would be valuable to form the Inter-Agency Network for Safety in Biotechnology (IANB) t...

  • 31-May-2000


    Report of the Task Force for the Safety of Novel Food and Feeds

    In the light of increasing importance of issues concerning food safety, the leaders of the Group of Eight industrialised countries and the Ministers invited the OECD Working Group on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight of Biotechnology and the OECD Task Force for the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds to undertake a study of the implications of biotechnology and other aspects of food safety. The G8 invited OECD experts to report on

  • 1-April-1996


    Food Safety Evaluation

    Modern biotechnology could have an important impact both on the scope of genetic changes that can be made to food organisms and on the range of possible food sources. This publication presents scientific papers and the reports of two expert groups concerned with strategies for establishing the safety of novel foods. Anyone involved in safety evaluations of new foods or food components derived through modern biotechnology will find it

  • 1-January-1994


  • 21-July-1993

    English, , 2,348kb

    Safety Evaluation of Foods Derived by Modern Biotech

    This publication has been prepared by the OECD Environment Directorate, in collaboration with the Directorate for Science, Technology, and Industry. It is the product of work undertaken by the Group of National Experts on Safety in Biotechnology. As such, it is related to another report published by the OECD, Safety Considerations for Biotechnology, 1992.

  • 1-January-1993

    English, , 8,906kb

    Traditional Crop Breeding Practices

    This publication provides an introduction for the layman to crop breeding practices and to the wealth of centuries-long knowledge and experience on which today's agriculture depends.

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