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  • 31-May-2010


    OECD and Risk/Safety Assessment in Modern Biotechnology

    This brochure describes the work implemented at OECD on food, feed and environmental safety of modern biotechnology. It is updated regularly and was last updated in October 2010.

  • 28-May-2008

    English, Excel, 382kb

    ICGB Newsletter No. 19

    A new issue of the OECD Biotechnology Update has been published. This newsletter provides up-to-date information on the diverse activities at OECD related to biotechnology.

  • 31-October-2006


    Beyond the Blue Book: Workshop on Framework for Risk/ Safety Assessment of Transgenic Plants

    The main objectives of the workshop were: i) to discuss the history and evolution of the conceptual framework for the evaluation of transgenic plant products in the environment and OECD’s role in the development of that framework; ii) to discuss the current contribution of OECD’s Working Group for the Harmonization of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology to risk/ safety assessment practice; and iii) to discuss current risk assessment

  • 21-October-2006


    Global challenges for the XXIst century - climate change, energy and democratic institutions

    In a speech at the Annual Conference of the Club de Madrid, Angel Gurría focussed on the political economy of climate policies. He spoke about a range of policies that could be used to help address climate change, and the considerable challenges of implementing them.

  • 6-September-2006

    English, , 1,610kb

    Abstracts of the OECD workshop on the biology of atlantic salmon, held in Moscow, Russian Federation, 29 November - 1 December 2004

    The objective of the workshop was to identify and review the kinds of baseline information of (non-transgenic) traditional fish farming or breeding, and to determine what information might be relevant to risk/ safety assessment.

  • 27-June-2006


    Publications on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology

    Publications on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology

  • 29-March-2006


    Biotechnology Regulatory Contacts in OECD Member Countries

    Most OECD Member countries have a regulatory system for the products of modern biotechnology intended for release to the environment and for food/ feed use. This page includes links to portals of each member country which include relevant information.

  • 13-July-2005


    Biotech Product Database (with Unique Identifiers)

    This database includes information regarding products derived using modern biotechnology, e.g. transgenic plants, which have been approved for commerical application, as well as some plants with novel traits produced by conventional breeding or mutagenesis.

  • 10-March-2003


    Documents on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology and the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds

    This page shows the consensus documents and other documents and publications on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology and the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds

  • 9-January-2002


    Consensus Document on Compositional Considerations for New Varieties of Potatoes: Key Food and Feed Nutrients, Anti-Nutrients and Toxicants

    This consensus document addresses compositional considerations for new varieties of potatoes by identifying the key food and feed nutrients, anti-nutrients and toxicants. A general description of these components is provided. Also included are considerations to be taken when assessing new potato varieties.

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