Environmental country reviews

Meet the EPR team


At the OECD Secretariat, a team of eleven people manages the Environmental Performance Reviews. They collaborate with other OECD staff on specific issues, as well as outside consultants and reviewers from member countries.

Head of division

Nathalie Girouard is Head of the Environmental Performance and Information (EPI) division, which manages the Environmental Performance Reviews, environmental information and indicators and the accession team, since January 2015. She joined the OECD in 1993, where she first worked on economic policy and country studies, and later as an Adviser in the office of the Secretary-General in charge of the accession process. From 2009 to 2014, she was the Coordinator for the Green Growth Strategy, bringing together the work of more than 25 Committees. Nathalie Girouard, a Canadian national, holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Montreal, Canada. Before joining the OECD, she worked as a policy analyst at the Bank of Canada.

policy analysts


Ivana Capozza is a Senior Policy Analyst. She has worked on more than 15 EPRs and co-ordinated those of Germany, Israel, Japan among others, and, most recently, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile. Before joining the OECD in 2008, Ivana worked as an economist at both the Environment and Economy ministries in Italy. She was awarded a MSc in economics from the University of Glasgow (UK) and completed a doctorate in environmental economics at the University of Bari (Italy).  


Eugene Mazur is a Policy Analyst. He has been involved in various EPRs since 2003. He co-ordinated the EPR of Estonia and Hungary. He is currently working on Turkey and on environmental aspects for the Accession team. Having joined the OECD in 2001, he worked for over 14 years on environmental policy reform in countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. In 2007-2014, he led work on environmental compliance assurance. Eugene is a US citizen of Russian origin, with a Master’s degree in environmental management from the University of Amsterdam.



Frédérique Zegel is a policy analyst. She co-ordinated the EPRs of Poland, France, Korea and the Czech Republic. Before joining the EPR team in 2008, she worked on environmental information and indicators at the OECD. Frédérique was awarded a MSc in Statistics and Computer Science from the ENSAE in Paris.


Britta Labuhn joined the team in April 2014 to contribute to the review of Brazil. Britta is a German national with an MA in Economic Policy from Sciences Po Paris. She previously worked for the Green Growth and Sustainable Development unit and the Climate and Development team.

Alexa Piccolo joined the EPR team in May 2013 and now also works for the Accession team. Alexa is Italian. She holds an MA in international relations from the University of Bologna and an MA in International Energy from Sciences Po Paris.


  Carla Bertuzzi  provides the overall statistical support to the Environmental Performance Reviews Programme. She joined the Environment Directorate in 1991 and has mainly worked on environmental data and indicators. She holds a degree in statistical sciences from the University of Bologna.


Sarah Miet provides analysis, research and statistical support. She joined the Environment Directorate in 2008 and works on environmental data and indicators. She holds a Masters in econometrics from the University of Paris 10.



Mauro Migotto provides overall statistical support. He joined the Environment Directorate in 2011. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Milan (Italy), a Mphil in Development Studies from the University of Sussex (UK) and a PhD in Food and Agricultural Economics from the University of Reading (UK). 


NCT photo


Natasha Cline-Thomas is the Communications Co-ordinator of the EPR team. She supports the publication process, highlights, web pages, social networks, media relations, and data visualisation. Natasha is American. She holds a BA in Political Science and Human Rights Studies from Barnard College, Columbia University and a Masters from the bilingual English-French programme in International Project Management at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris.

Please feel free to contact Natasha if you have any questions or comments on these web pages or on our work.


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