Consumption, innovation and the environment

Business and the Environment: Policy Incentives and Corporate Responses


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The analysis of the inner workings of the firm has been largely absent from economic assessments of environmental policy. In an effort to partly fill this vacuum, Business and the Environment: Policy Incentives and Corporate Responses summarises the results of an OECD project which collected and analysed data from over 4,000 facilities in seven OECD countries.  Issues addressed include:

  • the role of 'flexible' policy instruments in encouraging clean production strategies and environmental research and development;
  • the effectiveness of different environmental policy incentives on the introduction of environmental management systems and tools; and
  • the relationship between environmental and commercial performance. 

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Project Background and Coverage of the Database
Chapter 2. Environmental Policy Regimes and Other Stakeholders
Chapter 3. Environmental Management Systems and Tools
Chapter 4. Environmental Performance
Chapter 5. Clean Production and Environmental R&D
Chapter 6. Environmental and Commercial Synergies
Chapter 7. Policy Conclusions
Annex 1. Research Teams
Annex 2. Survey Design and Protocol
Annex 3. Questionnaire
Annex 4. Supplementary Tables
Annex 5. Selected Data by Sector and Country

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