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  • 5-August-2010


    Buying and Cancelling Allowances as an Alternative to Offsets for the Voluntary Market: A Preliminary Review of Issues and Options - Environment Working Paper No. 21

    This working paper explores scenarios under which, as an alternative to offsets, voluntary buyers could instead buy and cancel allowances from compliance markets.

  • 5-August-2010


    Towards Global Carbon Pricing: Direct and Indirect Linking of Carbon Markets - Environment Working Paper No. 20

    Emissions trading systems (ETS) can play a major role in a cost-effective climate policy framework. This working paper shows that the potential gains to be reaped are so large, that substantial efforts in this domain are warranted.

  • 4-August-2010


    Voluntary Carbon Markets: How can they serve climate policies - Environment Working Paper No. 19

    This working paper aims to examine how voluntary carbon markets can provide a valuable contribution to strengthening domestic and international climate policies.

  • 11-June-2010

    English, , 404kb

    Costs and Effectiveness of the Copenhagen Pledges: Assessing global greenhouse gas emissions targets and actions for 2020

    Many countries have pledged targets or actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Copenhagen Accord. New OECD analysis shows that these pledges go towards but are not ambitious enough to limit long-term temperature rise to 2°C.

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  • 22-April-2010


    Climate change and competitiveness

    Our production and consumption patterns are causing irreversible damage to the earth and its atmosphere and we need to urgently reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, according to Angel Gurría. He added that cutting GHG emissions will inevitably involve a restructuring of the economy. Government policies must play a key role not only to enhance the competitive edge of “green” industries, but also to smooth the transition for those that

  • 21-April-2010


    Global Forum on the Environment – Key issues for the post-2012 climate framework

    Global Forum on the Environment – Key issues for the post-2012 climate framework. Organised by the Climate Change Expert Group on the UNFCCC, it focused on several key issues in the current negotiations: finance; capacity building; developing national strategies; reporting national information.

  • 19-April-2010


    Global Carbon Markets - Informal Consultation

    The aim of the Global Carbon Markets Informal Consultation was to advance discussions of new issues and players in carbon markets post-Copenhagen, and begin to explore how countries can prepare for and navigate the current “patchwork” approach to carbon markets.

  • 12-February-2010


    Assessing the Role of Microfinance in Fostering Adaptation to Climate Change - Environment Working Paper No. 15

    This working paper offers the first empirical assessment of the linkages between microfinance supported activities and adaptation to climate change.

  • 3-February-2010


    The Road to Mexico: Strategies and Vehicles for successful climate change negotiations 2010

    During a workshop on climate change organised by the European Union, Mr Gurría reminded that "far from perfect, the Copenhagen Accord is a hard-fought political agreement". He added that the world now needs to find an ambitious and legally-binding global agreement on climate change in Mexico and that the EU should continue to play a leading role for the negotiations.

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  • 1-January-2010


    Cities, Climate Change and Multilevel Governance - Environment Working Paper No. 14

    This working paper presents a framework for multilevel governance, showing that advancing governance of climate change across all levels of government and relevant stakeholders is crucial to avoid policy gaps between local action plans and national policy frameworks.

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