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The OECD/ITF Global Forum on Transport and Environment in a Globalising World was held 10-12 November 2008 in Guadalajara, Mexico, cf.  Bookmark this forum:


Mind-forg’d Manacles – The constraints to Optimising Urban Transport Policy


This paper addresses the constraints to optimising urban transport policy. It was prepared by Rana Roy, Maunsell/AECOM, Sydney, Australia, as a contribution to the OECD/ITF Global Forum on Transport and Environment in a Globalising World that was held 10-12 November 2008 in Guadalajara, Mexico, cf.  Bookmark the forum:


An Initial View on Methodologies for Emission Baselines: Transport Case Study
Also available in French.

The main purpose of this report is to identify opportunities to standardise baselines in the transport sector. The discussion clearly focuses on ways that this can be done within the current framework of the Kyoto Protocol. However, the baseline work done for this report is not specific to this framework and could be used whenever there is a need for projections of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. The report outlines two types of baselines that could be used for transport CDM and JI projects: subsector baselines and regional baselines. Subsector technical baselines are estimated using base year emissions data along with projections of future emissions based on technological parameters of the relevant part of the transport sector. This type of baseline is expected to be used most for fuel efficiency and fuel switching projects. Subsector historical baselines are estimated by continuing existing emissions and other relevant trends forward. These baselines may be used for any project that mainly touches only one subsector of transport.

Good Practice Greenhouse Abatement Policies: Transport Sector

On 18 February 2000, the Annex I Expert Group held a one-day roundtable, on domestic climate policies and measures in the transportation sector. This roundtable was one of a series convened by the AIXG to share experiences in member countries with implementation of domestic policies to abate climate change. The roundtable covered recent developments at the national level, technology and social innovation, in passenger and freight transport. This publication includes the background papers prepared for each of the three sessions and the summary of the roundtable.