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Climate Resilience in Development Planning
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Climate Resilience in Development Planning: Experiences in Colombia and Ethiopia, April 2014

Developing countries are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Improving climate resilience is an essential part of countries’ efforts to reduce poverty and meet their development objectives. How can this be achieved? This report shows the practical steps that countries are taking to address climate variability and prepare for future changes. It identifies the key elements required to integrate climate resilience into national development planning. This report explores the experience of two countries in more detail: Colombia and Ethiopia.


Water and Climate Change Adaptation
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Water and Climate Change Adaptation - Policies to Navigate Uncharted Waters, September 2013


This publication provides guidance to policy makers to prioritise action and to improve the efficiency, timeliness and equity of adaptation decisions. It sets out a risk-based approach to achieve resilient water security in a changing climate. It also documents key trends and highlights best practice from the OECD Survey of Policies on Water and Climate Change Adaptation, which covers all 34 OECD countries and the European Commission. Finally the report examines options to improve the flexibility of water governance, policy and financing approaches.






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