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  • Country review: Poland 2015

    This report is the third OECD review of Poland’s environmental performance. It evaluates progress towards sustainable development and green growth, with a focus on forestry and biodiversity, as well as waste and materials management.

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  • Second Green Investment Financing Forum

    The Forum organised by the OECD on 19-20 May 2015 aims to promote dialogue and enhance understanding between a wide range of countries and institutions interested in mobilising private investment financing for low carbon and climate-resilient infrastructure.

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  • OECD at the 7th World Water Forum in Daegu & Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea

    The Forum on the theme of "Water for Our Future" took place from 12-17 April in Daegu and Geyeongbuk, Republic of Korea. The OECD Secretary-General chaired several high-level panels and the OECD actively participated through a series of events and the launch of four new reports.

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We help countries to design environmental policies that are both economically efficient and effective at achieving their environmental objectives.

OECD work on environment 2015-16

What we do - Help countries to design environmental policies that are both economically efficient and effective at achieving their environmental objectives.

What we are - An extension to national governments’ analytical capacity, providing policy-relevant analysis and recommendations based on reliable environmental data, outlooks and cross-country experiences. A forum for governments and representatives from business and civil society for constructive dialogue on how best to develop and implement environmental policies across OECD and other countries.

Who we serve - OECD has 34 member countries and enhances its engagement with Brazil, People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia and South Africa.


Water - What's happening, 2015-16


OECD work on water, 2015-16

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Did you know?

  • Global emissions of CO2 from the energy sector have grown by more than 1.5% per year since 1990. Explicit carbon pricing and supporting policies can help control this growth.

  • Although 60% of the world's population lives in Asia, the continent has only 36% of the world's water resources.

  • A global carbon market could help reduce "carbon leakage" where industries migrate to locations with no climate change mitigation policies.

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