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  • Effective Carbon Rates

    To tackle climate change, CO2 emissions need to be cut. Pricing carbon is one of the most effective and lowest-cost ways of inducing such cuts. This report presents the first full analysis of the use of carbon pricing on energy in 41 OECD and G20 economies, covering 80% of global energy use and of CO2 emissions. The analysis takes a comprehensive view of carbon prices, including specific taxes on energy use, carbon taxes and tradable emission permit prices.

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  • Global Forum on Environment and Economic Growth

    This Forum to be held on 24-25 October 2016 aims to shed light on the links between environment and economic growth, and the toolkits to quantify these links. It will provide a platform to explore how a well-managed natural environment can contribute to economic growth and how an effective and efficient regulatory system can best be designed.

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  • Centre on Green Finance and Investment

    The scale of the transition to a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient economy is enormous – it is the biggest structural adjustment ever proposed in the field of international governance. The OECD Centre will catalyse and support the transition to a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient global economy through the development of effective policies, institutions and instruments for green finance and investment.

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We help countries to design environmental policies that are both economically efficient and effective at achieving their environmental objectives.


Green talk Mind the gap - carbon pricing

Thank you for joining our Green talk on 26 September. If you missed it, you can now watch the video.

OECD Environment Director, Simon Upton and Centre for Tax Policy and Administration Director, Pascal Saint-Amans, hosted Kurt van Dender, OECD environmental tax policy expert to discuss the OECD publication on Effective Carbon Rates - a new, combined measure of the extended to which countries use taxes and emissions trading systems to price carbon, and explore the carbon pricing gap.