Mr. Tadahiro Asami, Secretary General, BIAC



Mr. Tadahiro Asami

Secretary General, BIAC 


Tadahiro Asami was named BIAC's Secretary General in January 2007. Mr. Asami is responsible for the operational leadership and management of the BIAC. This includes the representation at the OECD of the business communities of 30 member countries with regard to the full spectrum of public policy issues addressed by OECD governments and advanced by the private sector. He has previously served as the Vice Chair of the BIAC Economic Policy Committee.
Prior to coming to BIAC, he served as Managing Director of the Institute of International Monetary Affairs (IIMA) from 2000 to 2006, specializing in international financial and monetary studies. In addition to his duties at IIMA, he also served as a Member of the India‐Japan Joint Study Group organised by the Japanese Government, as well as the Director of the Working Group at the Network of East Asia Think‐Tanks (NEAT). During this time he lectured at universities including Kobe University, Joint Staff College of the Defense Agency, Hosei University and Teikyo Universtiy.


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