High-Level Forum on Jobs for Youth: Who's Who


OECD Member Countries



Ms. Margaret Pearce, Minister-Counsellor Education and Employment



Mr. David Whillans, Director General, Human Resources and Skills Development



Ms. Inger Stojberg, Minister of Employment



Mr. Laszlo Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion



Mr. Antoine Magnier, Directeur de la DARES



Mr. Andreas Storm, Secretary of State



Mr. Shalom Ben-Moshe, Senior Director, Human Resources Training and Development Bureau, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labour



Ms. Sachiko Tanaka, Director, Young Workers' Affairs Division, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare



Mr. Hyen Taek EOM, Deputy Minister for Employment Policy, Ministry of Employment and Labor



Ms. Ans Seriese-van der Hout, Project Manager of the National Action Plan Youth and Employers



Ms. Hanne Bjurstrøm, Minister of Labour

Ms. Kristin Halvorsen, Minister of Education

Mr. Jan-Erik Støstad, State Secretary



Ms. Maria Helena André, Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity



Mr. Ömer Dinçer, Minister of Labour and Social Security



Mr. Ivan Svetlik, Minister of Employment



Mr. Dominique Babey, Chef du domaine de prestations, Marché du travail et Assurance-chômage


 United Kingdom

Ms. Amanda Rowlatt, Chief Analyst for Employment Group, Welfare and Wellbeing Group and Pensions in the Department for Work and Pensions


 United States

Ms. Kristin Lipke, International Relations Analyst, US Department of Labor



Non Member Countries


Accession Candidate Countries



Mr. Hanno Pevkur, Minister of Social Affairs



Enhanced Engagement Countries


 South Africa

Mr. Sipho Ndebele, Minister-Counsellor, Permanent Mission, Geneva



Social Partners



Mr. Tadahiro Asami Secretary General



Ms. Marie-Louise Knuppert, Vice President


International Organisations



Ms. Azita Berar Awad


Key note speaker

Tito Boeri


OECD Secretariat


Mr. Aart de Geus, Deputy Secretary-General

Mr. Stefano Scarpetta, Deputy Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs



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