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  • 14-May-2014


    Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD - Updated: May 2014

    OECD unemployment rate stable at 7.5% in March 2014

  • 22-April-2014

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    Ireland's action plan for jobs: A preliminary review

    The Irish government has taken resolute action to address the unemployment challenge, launching the Action Plan for Jobs (APJ) initiative in early 2012. Drawing on the expertise and experience of OECD member countries, this preliminary review examines key aspects of the Action Plan for Jobs and highlights some key policy priorities to boost job creation.

  • 18-April-2014


    Northern Ireland, UK: Collaboration at local level is key towards matching skills to demand, says OECD

    Closer collaboration between local employment, training, and economic development agencies to develop the right skills in jobseekers is crucial to support export-oriented growth in Northern Ireland, according to a new OECD report.

  • 16-April-2014


    The Netherlands must do more to make working at an older age more attractive, says OECD

    Encouraging more people to work later in life would help the Netherlands meet its growing challenges of a rapidly ageing population and rising social spending, according to a new OECD report.

  • 15-April-2014


    Employment situation, fourth quarter 2013, OECD

    OECD employment rate at 65.3% in fourth quarter of 2013

  • 9-April-2014


    Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD - Updated: April 2014

    OECD unemployment increases to 7.6% in February 2014

  • 8-April-2014


    Quality Apprenticeships for Giving Youth a Better Start in the Labour Market, G20-OECD-EC Conference

    This conference on 9 April 2014 will provide an opportunity for a mutual sharing of good practice in fostering the better insertion of youth into the labour market through the development of quality apprenticeships. It would also seek to foster a greater commitment by countries to take action to introduce or strengthen apprenticeship initiatives and to take stock of the progress achieved.

  • 20-March-2014


    System of unit labour cost, OECD - Updated: March 2014

    Unit labour costs (ULCs) in the OECD area increased marginally (by 0.1%) in the fourth quarter of 2013, following two successive quarters of stability.

  • 13-March-2014


    Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD - Updated: March 2014

    The OECD unemployment rate was stable at 7.6% in January 2014.

  • 14-February-2014


    OECD LEED-Cedefop 2nd Green Skills Forum 2014 (Paris, France)

    LEED and Cedefop organise the second edition of the Green Skills Forum which will bring together experts in innovation, employability and skills development and lessons from work conducted by the OECD, Cedefop, and other organisations on the implications of the green economy for skills development and training policies.

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