Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Local Governance and the Drivers of Growth



 Innovation, skills, entrepreneurship and social cohesion are key drivers of growth, and essential goals of effective economic development strategies. Each has a strong governance component, which requires real partnership between government, business and civil society for co-ordinating actions and adapting policies to local conditions. Improvement of local governance is therefore a prerequisite for optimising growth and competitiveness.

But what are the best governance mechanisms to fuel the drivers of growth? What is the role of central government in maximising their effectiveness?  What specific actions must cities carry out to become more competitive and spread prosperity? How can public services be managed in the most effective way to support local competitiveness in the age of globalisation and networking? How can partnerships generate more funding and deliver better results?

For this book, the OECD has brought together top world experts to translate policy lessons into concrete recommendations that will help policy makers and practitioners make the best governance decisions to stimulate growth.

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