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New workshop on skills development for SMEs and entrepreneurship

The LEED Programme organises in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority (DBA) a workshop on "Skills Development for SMEs and Entrepreneurship" in Copenhagen on 28 November 2012. The workshop will discuss issues and problems in the practise of workforce development and skills for entrepreneurship, and aim to improve the benchmarking of national and local policy in these fields. Participation would provide for LEED delegates the opportunity to present policy experiences from their own country and hear about international policy issues in this area. A call for papers is meanwhile being organised. For further information and registration, read here



How to deliver smart local development ?

Delivering Local Development in Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland: Inclusive Growth Through One Plan helps the city set out a path to reshape its future to ensure that the economy is able to generate sufficient, productive and sustainable employment, with opportunities for progression and accessibility for all. The LEED Programme has worked with Derry~Londonderry, a LEED Partner since 2008, to maximise the potential of One Plan – the Regeneration Plan for Derry Londonderry 2020 – and ensure that its delivery reaps full benefits in terms of investment, job creation, inclusion and sustainable development. Read more…



New skills.oecd website: local skills initiatives and data on skills supply and demand in local economies

New data on skills supply and demand and summaries of best practices are available on the skills.oecd website. This new resource is easy to use and a great source of information. Click on United Kingdom for example and find out more on strategies to support the development of a new green workforce in the country and information on the Mayor’s Apprenticeship Campaign in London. If you click here you can see which areas are in a high skills equilibrium, and how local labour markets have evolved over the last decade. Data on 12 countries are available, with new countries being added. Read more



LEED Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia

Skills Development Pathways in Asia: Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia initiative (ESSSA). Skills are a key driver of inclusive growth in the OECD and beyond. In Asia, both developed and developing countries are designing integrated pathways to improve skills and employment at the national and local levels. A new report analyses the approaches taken in 15 countries: in the Asian region: Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. Read more…


New report on career pathway and cluster skill development models in the US

Career pathways and clusters are increasingly being used by US local and regional government agencies in employment and workforce development as a way of building skill pipelines for key industries. This report flags several initiatives countrywide where these have caused real system change in how employers’ skill needs are filled, including California’s PG&E “PowerPathway”, Pennsylvania’s mechatronics partnership and Oregon career pathways, and draws key lessons for policy makers. Read more




High-Employment-Growth Firms

The LEED Programme organised on 28 March 2012 a workshop in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority (DBA) in Copenhagen about local determinants and policies for high-growth firms (HGFs). The workshop has highlighted how HGFs are more likely to be small and young but that they can be found in all sectors, including mature and non-technological intensive ones.

With regard to policies, given the impact of HGFs on employment creation, many OECD countries have introduced programmes specifically aimed at these stellar firms. Most of them provide soft forms of support such as mentoring and coaching to a restricted number of firms. These targeted schemes need be combined with broader policies that remove general barriers to growth, including red tape, complex business regulations, lack of equity finance, etc. Read more




10-12 October 2012 Trento, Italy

Study visit: Partnership strategies for demographic change and ageing (Province of Carinthia, Austria)

11 October 2012 Riga, Latvia

Workshop: Government approaches to supporting local economic and employment development (Riga, Latvia)

5 November 2012 Assen, Netherlands

Workshop: Demographic change and labour market in the Province of Drenthe and Groningen (Assen, Netherlands)

7 November 2012 Terneuzen, Netherlands

Workshop: Demographic change and labour market in the Province of of Zeeland (Terneuzen, Netherlands)

9 November 2012 Maastricht, Netherlands

 Workshop: Demographic change and labour market in the Province of Limburg (Maastricht, Netherlands)

12-13 November 2012 Paris, France 61st Session of the LEED Directing Committee

28 November 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

Workshop: Skills Development for SMEs and Entrepreneuship (Copenhagen, Denmark)
29-30 November 2012 Santiago, Chile Workshop: Measuring the potential of green growth in Chile (Santiago, Chile)
13-14 December 2012 Ankara, Turkey

Conference: Leveraging training and skills development in SMEs (Ankara, Turkey)

26-27 March 2013, Dublin-Kilkenny, Ireland

9th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (Dublin-Kilkenny, Ireland)




 Senior entrepreneurship policy brief for EU Employment and Social Situation Quarterly Review

 The Cluster Scoreboard

Measuring the Performance of Local Business Clusters in the Knowledge Economy

 OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2012



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