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The LEED Programme celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. At the occasion of the 60th session of the LEED Committee, the OECD Secretary-General, Mr. Angel Gurría, addressed the delegates and said that the LEED Programme has been an important innovation in the history of the OECD, and that it remains unique today.


The Secretary-General highlighted LEED’s vital role in providing a cross-cutting approach to policy implementation. Read the speech…




Skills Strategy: Building the right skills and turning them into better jobs and better lives

Angel Gurría has identified skills as the global currency of the 21st century. Ministers recently approved the new OECD Skills Strategy to which the LEED Programme has extensively contributed, emphasising the importance of delivering locally shaped responses.

The Skills Strategy publication Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives: A Strategic Approach to Skills Policies provides a strategic framework to help countries understand how they can build the right skills and turn them into better jobs and better lives. Data, case studies, publications and a video prepared by the LEED Programme can be found on the skills.oecd website. In addition, see here for more information about LEED’s projects which have fed into this work.




Launch by the OECD Secretary General of a LEED Report in Israel

The report: Clean-Tech Clustering as an Engine for Local Development” examines entrepreneurship, SMEs and local development in the Negev in the south of Israel, where there is strong potential for the growth of significant clean-tech industry cluster activity, involving a critical mass of firms, human capital, research organisations, support infrastructure and associated formal and informal linkages. Read more



Fostering high employment growth enterprises

The LEED Programme and the Danish Business Authority (DBA) have launched a project to benchmark programmes supporting high-growth firms internationally. Read more



LEED project promoting Job Creation

The project assesses the capacity of employment and training institutions to contribute to local job creation. 10 countries including Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy (Trento), Korea, the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) and the United States are participating in the Job Creation Project.
Read more…



How to make labour market policy more flexible locally

Human resources and skills are becoming increasingly important to economic development. In the context of the economic downturn, challenges such as high youth unemployment call for a collaborative and tailored approach are important. But do local labour market offices have sufficient flexibility in the implementation of their policies and programmes to contribute effectively to local strategies? Read more



LEED Policy Brief on Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth entrepreneurship is unlikely to be a panacea for solving the youth unemployment problem but it can be a key part of the response. This policy brief is the first in a series that provide analysis and recommendations on a range of themes related to entrepreneurship. Read more




Combating inequalities: invest in a quality education (Trento, Italy)

“Divided we stand: Why inequality keep rising”? In the last thirty years, inequality has increased in all OECD countries, even in those better performing countries such as the Scandinavian countries. This is the context in which the OECD report on inequalities was developed, and presented in the morning session of the 2012 Festival of Economics held at the Trento Centre. Read more…


20-21 March - Partnerships for Youth: Getting the young into jobs and business for successful working life (Berlin)

This year, the Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (FPLG) focused on local approaches to get the young into jobs and business largely drawing on the experience of Germany and Berlin in particular. Forum workshops held in different Berlin boroughs provided opportunities to learn directly from successful school-to-work transition and youth entrepreneurship initiatives. Read more




10-12 June 2012 Ghent, Belgium and Belval, Luxembourg

Indicators of local transition to low-carbon economy

18 June 2012 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Side event of the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum

21-22 June 2012 Trento, Italy 

Capacity building seminar: Getting the long-term unemployed back into work - New finance and delivery mechanisms

27-29 June 2012 Trento, Italy

Capacity building seminar: Supporting access to business start-up financing by under-represented groups

3-4 July 2012 Trento, Italy 

Capacity building seminar: Strategic approaches to demographic change in Russia and Eastern Europe

6 July 2012 Barcelona, Spain

Employment, Skills and Entrepreneurship: Strategies in the Mediterranean

17-27 July 2012 Trento, Italy 

International Summer School for cooperation and local development -Third edition

12 September 2012
Berlin, Germany

Measuring the transition to a low-carbon economy workshop

29 September 2012 Kyoto City, Japan

Local revitalisation policies in the era of depopulation and ageing society

12-13 November 2012 Paris, France

61st Session of the LEED Directing Committee




OECD: Demographic Change and Local Development

 Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2012: An OECD Scoreboard

Accountability in Decentralised Employment Service Regimes



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