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LEED FLASH June 2009


Coping with the Crisis

Action is needed at the level of local communities to tackle job losses and return economies to prosperity. LEED’s governing board, the Directing Committee, held a session open to LEED Partners to discuss how national and local responses to the crisis can be combined in practice.

Delegates and Partners agreed local economic development needs to address both short-term needs and long-term potential. Many of the actions needed now to combat recession (e.g. short-time working) may be effective to help businesses ride out the crisis and keep workers attached to the labour market. Such measures however should remain short-term.

At the same time, localities need to lay the foundations for returning to more sustainable economic development, without slowing down structural adjustment; whilst the growth of high quality jobs requires a more strategic response involving both the labour market and the business sector.

Governments should help localities to move from a low-skills to a high-skills equilibrium by investing in education and training systems, while also fostering better skills utilisation in the workplace and raising productivity. This means taking an integrated approach to both the supply and demand for labour and skills. Taking such an approach in turns requires flexibility in the management of labour market policy, strong capacity at the local level, local intelligence and cross-sector partnerships.

There are four key areas where national and local governments can invest now, for a more sustainable economic future:

  • Good quality jobs as a way back to prosperity
  • Streamlined and better targeted policies
  • Building an entrepreneurial culture
  • Getting finance flowing again

For further details on LEED policy messages in the context of the global crisis...


Invitation for participation: survey about local responses to the crisis


“Is your locality affected by the crisis?” “What is being done to address the problems?” “Do you want to know what others are doing?”

The OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governances invites you to share your experience by filling in a simple questionnaire. The results will be processed and fed back to all Forum members.

Universities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Good Practice Workshop, Halle, Germany, 12 June 2009


The aim of the good practice workshop is to enable HEIs and policy makers from eastern Germany to exchange with each other and with participants from other countries around good practice in HEI entrepreneurship support, namely in entrepreneurship education and in start-up support.

Routes out of the Crisis – New Strategies for Skills and Employment


This seminar begins with a day session open to a wider audience of policymakers and practitioners involved in tackling the impact of the crisis on jobs and skills. Day 2 and 3 are structured around a mix of expert presentations, discussion and group work. Presentatations are available online.


Latest publications

Flexible Policy for More and Better Jobs


This book provides a new indicator for benchmarking labour-market policy, reviewing the flexibility available in its management throughout OECD countries.

The Social Economy: Building Inclusive Economies


This publication offers new insights into the economic theory of social economy organisations, their role in an evolving political and economic context, and the links to local development and the empowerment of users.






Local Responses to a Global Crisis: international strategies for recovery, London

How cities can lead the way into economic recovery will be the focus of this one day conference in London (UK). It will discuss the impact of the recession on UK and international cities, how different cities are responding now, and what all cities need to do to take advantage of the upturn. The conference will also launch original research from The Work Foundation and OECD LEED programme on how UK and international cities should be leading the way out of the recession.
For further information, please go to www.glasgows.org/theworkfoundationoecd



Conference: From unemployment to self-employment (Berlin)

9th International Entrepreneurship Forum (9th IEF), Istanbul
"Technology and Entrepreneurship: New Ventures and the Creative Use of Technologies" The role of technology in the generation of entrepreneurial opportunities is the central theme of this major conference. For further information, please go to www.essex.ac.uk/conferences/ief


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