Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

International Benchmarking of High-Growth Programmes



National and sub-national governments around the world are operating substantial policies to promote high-growth firms, that is, firms with the potential to grow rapidly in terms of turnover and employment over a short period of time, generally 3-5 years. The aim of policy makers is to exploit the potential contribution of these special businesses to job creation, innovation and productivity growth.


The OECD LEED Programme and the Danish Business Authority (DBA) have launched a project aimed at an international benchmarking of programmes targeting high-growth firms. In Denmark high growth businesses are relevant in the entrepreneurship policy agenda and supported through a network of regional “Growth Houses” providing enterprise diagnosis and referral to public and private sources of support.


The OECD-DBA project will undertake a benchmark analysis of public schemes that aim to bolster the development of high-growth firms, including accelerators, catapults, and other forms of intense business services and finance support. We are interested both in programmes that deliver services through public and private intermediaries and those that deliver services directly.


The objective is to understand strengths and weaknesses of these programmes, as well as similarities and differences with regard to issues such as the selection of target firms, types of services and support offered (including business diagnosis), skills of programme staff, delivery arrangements (including referral system in place), and monitoring and evaluation issues.

If you are familiar with a programme in your country or region that specifically targets high-growth firms and firms with a growth potential, we kindly invite you to fill out the attached template in around 1 000 words by the 22nd of June.


The most relevant policy descriptions will be selected by the OECD secretariat and the DBA, and the author will be asked to prepare a fee-based paper by early September 2012.



For further information, please contact: marco.marchese@oecd.org