About the OECD Jobs Strategy

What is the OECD Jobs Strategy?

The OECD Jobs Strategy consists of a comprehensive set of policy recommendations to promote more and better jobs. Since its launch in 1994, it has become a key reference for guiding national labour market policies in Member and non-Member countries. It was reassessed in 2006, putting greater emphasis on fostering both higher employment rates and improving job quality, and highlighting the importance of combining reforms into coherent packages.

Why is it being reviewed?

In the context of the recent global economic and financial crisis and deeper structural changes taking place in labour markets, OECD Employment and Labour Ministers in January 2016 called for a major review of the Jobs Strategy to strengthen further its relevance for guiding policy makers. The new OECD Jobs Strategy will provide comprehensive and up-to-date policy advice for achieving an inclusive labour market that performs strongly in the context of demographic change, environmental challenges, globalisation, digitalisation and changes in work organisation. It will be structured according to three overarching objectives: 1) increased labour market participation, job creation and job quality; 2) a fairer distribution of opportunities and outcomes; and 3) more resilient and adaptable labour markets.

How is it organised?

The New OECD Jobs Strategy involves two main deliverables. The first is a policy document for the 2018 Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) that presents the overall framework of the New OECD Jobs Strategy and its main policy recommendations and guidelines. The second is the supporting analytical volume that provides the evidence-base and analysis supporting the new framework and policy recommendations and guidelines. This document will draw from recent and ongoing work at the OECD and externally that is relevant for the New OECD Jobs Strategy

-          The new OECD Jobs Strategy will be presented for adoption at the Ministerial Council Meeting of the OECD in May 2018.

-          The analytical volume of the OECD Jobs Strategy will be launched in the Fall of 2018.  

The reassessment of the OECD Jobs Strategy is undertaken by the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Economics Department, under the supervision of their committees, namely, the Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Committee (ELSAC) and the Economic Policy Committee (EPC), and in consultation with other relevant directorates and the social partners.