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Active Labour Market Policies: Connecting People with Jobs



The objective of an effective activation policy for jobseekers and other disadvantaged groups of the population is to bring more people into the labour force and into jobs. This requires in particular: 

  • ensuring that people have the motivation and incentives to seek employment
  • increasing their employability and helping them to find suitable employment
  • expanding employment opportunities for jobseekers and people outside the labour force
  • managing the implementation of activation policy through efficient labour market institutions



A new framework is put forward for the design of effective activation policies to connect people with jobs and foster more inclusive labour markets. While activation policies draw on many tools that can be assembled in different ways, the overall package needs to maintain the motivation of jobseekers to actively pursue employment while also improving their employability and expanding their opportunities to be placed and retained in appropriate jobs. 

country reviews on policieS THAT HELP PEOPLE FIND EMPLOYMENT

‌How can the OECD help countries develop and strengthen their activation policies?‌

connecting people with jobs

DATA on active labour market policies

The labour market policy statistics covers public interventions in the labour market aimed at reaching its efficient functioning and correcting imbalances. The primary target groups are those people unemployed or employed at risk of involuntary job loss. 


Latest aggregate data

The latest aggregate data on public expenditure and participants stocks in labour market programmes are published in the Statistical Annex of the OECD Employment Outlook

  • Access the tables of the Statistical Annex of the OECD Employment Outlook

To know more: 

Database access

More detailed data and time series data can be accessed through OECD.Stat.
Data are classified by categories and contain:

Further reading on active labour market policies

The OECD and the European Commission are cooperating on a project to further improve the consistency, comparability and usefulness of the Labour Market Policy (LMP) statistics collected by the European Commission and the OECD. As part of this project, the first two reports by the OECD provide an in-depth assessment of the LMP database with a rich set of country examples, providing valuable insights for researchers working with these data on active labour market policies. 

► There is more on active labour market policies: Click here to see a full list of OECD publications relating to activation strategies, active labour market programmes and Public Employment Services (PES) in OECD countries.

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