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The OECD Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate has launched in September 2008 a series of seminars open to both external and internal speakers. It is intended to be an informal forum for discussion of policy-oriented empirical research work among policy-makers, academics and OECD staff. The Seminars Series covers a broad range of topics including labour, social, migration and health issues.

Seminars last for 1 hour and 15 minutes and usually take place in the OECD Conference Centre. Those wishing to attend please send a request to:


Forthcoming seminars 

14 February 2019

Ward Romp
(University of Amsterdam)

Title: “What drives pension reform measures in the OECD” 

Location: MB 1122 and Time: 12:00-13:15 


Past Seminars

5 December 2018

Antonio Casilli (Télécom ParisTech) and Paola Tubaro (CNRS) 

Title: “Microworking in France: an inquiry into the human labour that makes AI possible” 

Location: MB 5122 and Time: 13:45-14:45 (note unusual timing)


3 November 2018

Omar Bamieh (University of Vienna) 

Title: “Firing Costs, Employment and Misallocation. Evidence from Randomly–Assigned Judges?” 



19 September 2018 

Abigail Adams (University of Oxford) 

Title: “Modelling and Measuring Atypical Employment” 


10 October 2018

 Lena Hensvik (Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy) 

Title: “The skill impact of past and projected occupational decline” 



14 September 2018 

Tito Boeri (Bocconi University and INPS) 

Title: “Populism and civil society” 



5 July 2018

Daniel Hamermesh (Barnard College, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Texas at Austin)

Title: "Taking Time Use Seriously: Income, Wages and Price Discrimination ", joint with Jeff Biddle



20 June 2018

Dean Lillard (Ohio State University)

Title: "Income Inequality and Later-Life Health: Estimating Life-course Treatment Effects”


18 June 2018

Grace Lordan (London School of Economics, London)

Title: "People Versus Machines: The Impact of Minimum Wages on Automatable Jobs", joint with David Neumark



 15 May 2018

Lorenzo Cappellari (Catholic University, Milan)

Title: "Workers, Firms and Life-Cycle Wage Dynamics"



18 April 2018

Andrea Weber (Central European University, Hungary)

Title: "Does Extending Unemployment Benefits Improve Job Quality?", joint with Arash Nekoei



12 April 2018

Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary University of London)

Title: "The remaining gender gaps. Work-life balance, preferences and norms"



19 January 2018

Ioana Marinescu (University of Pennsylvania)

Title: "Universal basic income: lessons from the United States and beyond"



20 November 2017

Fabio Cerina (University of Cagliari)

Title: "The role of gender in employment polarization"



2 November 2017

Alexander Bryson (University College London, UK)

Title: "Union Density, Productivity, and Wages"



16 October 2017

Ahmed Tritah (Université du Maine, France)

Title: "Are immigrants' skills priced differently? Evidence from France"



13 September 2017

Pierre Cahuc (École Polytechnique, France)

Title: "Short-time Work and Employment in the Great Recession in France"




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