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OECD Newsletter on Employment, Migration, Health and Social Affairs - Autumn 2012


Within the OECD, the ELS Directorate works on the following subjects: employment, health, migration and social issues. The newsletter is published quarterly (in English only) and focuses on new and ongoing projects, recent publications and upcoming events. It is updated regularly and is accessible online.

What’s new


Connecting with Emigrants

This publication prepared with support from the Agence Française de Développement, gathers a broad range of statistical information on migrant populations and their children worldwide by origin country which can be of use for policy makers to tail policies to the population groups in question. The various data sources on which this publication is based are compiled from many different OECD databases as well as from other non-OECD sources.

Harnessing the skills of migrants and diasporas to foster development

Building on the joint OECD/AFD study on "Connecting with emigrants : a global profile of diasporas" the purpose of this publication is to propose ways of thinking about new public policies that could better harness the skills of diasporas to foster development in the countries of origin.

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logo oficial del G20

G20 Labour process


The OECD, together with the ILO, provided background support to the meeting of the G20 Task Force on Employment on Quality Apprenticeships in Geneva on 162 October 2012.


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Key publications

OECD Employment Outlook 2012

Employment Outlook 2012

OECD sees high jobless rates continuing – more must be done urgently to boost job creation and help jobseekers.

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International Migration Outlook 2012

This publication provides an analysis of recent developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and two analytical chapters, covering the role of migration in renewing the skills of ageing workforces and the role of Asia in international migration.

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OECD Health Data 2012

The most comprehensive source of comparable statistics on health and health systems across OECD countries.
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Jobs for Immigrants (vol. 3)

This publication reviews the labour market integration of immigrants and their children in three OECD countries (Austria, Norway and Switzerland) and provides country-specific recommendations. It also includes a summary chapter highlighting common challenges and policy responses.
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Coming soon


  • OECD Reviews of Health Care Quality: Israel 2012
  • Settling In: OECD Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2012
  • Waiting Times for Elective Surgery: What Works?


  • Closing the Gender Gap: Act Now!

Ongoing projects

Social Issues


OECD Gender Initiative: Tackle gender gap to boost growth!

Despite numerous improvements in women’s educational and employment outcomes, many countries have not achieved gender equality in economic opportunities and outcomes.
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Policy Brief: OECD Obesity Update 2012

The obesity epidemic slowed down in several OECD countries during the past three years. However, rates remain high and social disparities in obesity are unabated.
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New data available on immigrants in OECD Countries

Several years ago, the OECD started to compile data based on population censuses of OECD countries for the 2000 census round. Since then, another round was added to the first one and the OECD and the World Bank have joined their efforts in a
project aimed at extending the coverage of the Database in Immigrants in OECD countries.
This data collection made it possible to calculate emigration rates by skill level.

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OECD review of policies to improve labour market prospects for older workers

For the 21 countries which participated in the OECD 2003-2005 review of ageing and employment policies, recent reforms and measures to stimulate employment of older workers which have been implemented since 2005 are being assessed.
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Greening jobs and skills

A successful transition towards a greener economy will create new opportunities for workers, but also new risks.
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Working Papers

 Upcoming Events

  • Money or Kindergarten? Distributive Effects of Cash Versus In-Kind Family Transfers for Young ChildrenMichael Förster, Gerlinde Verbist (WP 135)
  • Capital's Grabbing Hand? A Cross-Country/Cross-Industry Analysis of the Decline of the Labour Share Andrea Bassanini, Thomas Manfredi (WP 133)
  • Income Distribution and Poverty in Russia
    Irina Denisova (WP 132)
  • Income-Related Inequalities in Health Service Utilisation in 19 OECD Countries, 2008-2009 (WP 58)
  • The labour market integration of immigrants and their children in Switzerland (2012)

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Forhtcoming meetings:

8-9 November 2012

Integrated Services and Housing Consultation
This first expert consultation on Integrated Services and Housing will concentrate on the discussion on people with very high needs.  Read more

Forthcoming ELSA Seminar Series:

8 November 2012

Peter Lloyd Scherlock (University of East Anglia)
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