06 April 2017
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image to publicize online consultation
How can we improve access to new medicines? Have your say in our online consultation
The OECD is organising stakeholder consultations to gather diverse experiences and ideas. Be part of the conversation by telling us how you think we can improve sustainable access to innovative therapies.

Please submit by 1 May 2017
Image of report on labour market integration of refugees in Germany.
Working together: Labour Market Integration of Refugees in Germany & other OECD Countries
The OECD and German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs organised a conference in Berlin, Germany, on 14 March 2017. The OECD also released a fast-track review of the German labour market integration system for refugees, including a survey of German employers' experiences with refugees and asylum seekers. 
Image of women hoovering while man relaxes
Female breadwinners sweep the crumbs too
Image of female doctor
Women make up most of the health sector workers but they are under-represented in high-skilled jobs
How do partners in couple families share paid work?
Gender statistics
Chart on gender wage gap
15% - women earn 15% less than men (Gender wage gap)
OECD average
Chart on share of female doctors
46% of doctors are women
OECD average
29% of parliamentarians are women
OECD average
20% of seats on boards are occupied by women (among largest publicly listed companies)
OECD average
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