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OECD Health Policy Studies - Value for Money in Health Spending


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Health spending continues to rise inexorably, growing faster than the economy in most OECD countries. Most of this spending comes from the public purse. Given the recent economic downturn, countries are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of health spending.

This publication examines current efforts to improve health care efficiency, including tools that show promise in helping health systems provide the best care for their money, such as pay for performance, co-ordination of care, health technology assessment and clinical guidelines, pharmaceutical re-imbursement and risk-sharing agreements, and information and communication technology.

Published: 7 October 2010 / ISBN: 978-92-64-08880-1 (Print) / ISBN: 978-92-64-08881-8 (PDF) / 200 pages


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Table of contents

- Foreword
- Acronyms
- Executive Summary
- How Much is Too Much? Value for Money in Health Spending
- Policies for Health Care Systems when Money is Tight
- Rational Decision Making in Resource Allocation
- Improving Value for Money in Health by Paying for Performance
- Improving Co-ordination of Care for Chronic Diseases to Achieve Better Value for Money
- Drawing all the Benefits from Pharmaceutical Spending
- Redesigning Health Systems with the Support of ICTs




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