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Towards High-Performing Health Systems: Policy Studies



This volume contains a selection of the policy studies constituting the OECD Health Project, including: an assessment of the experience with health-system reforms across the OECD area; an investigation of recent attempts to monitor and improve quality of care in OECD countries; an analysis of equity in use of health-care services; a study of imbalances in the supply and demand for doctors and nurses; a comparison of policies to tackle excessive waiting times for elective surgery; an evaluation of the impact of different types of private health insurance on health-system performance; and new projections on the impact of ageing on health and long-term care expenditure.



Table of contents

Chapter 1.  Health-system reform: Lessons from experience
Chapter 2.  Monitoring and improving the technical quality of medical care: A new challenge for policymakers in OECD countries
Chapter 3.  Income-related inequality in the use of medical care in 21 OECD countries
Chapter 4. Matching supply with demand for the services of physicians and nurses
Chapter 5. Tackling excessive waiting times for elective surgery
Chapter 6. Private health insurance in OECD countries: The benefits and costs for individuals and health systems
Chapter 7. Ageing-related spending projections on health and long-term care

Release date: September 2004
ISBN: 9264015590

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