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  • 14-May-2009


    High-Level Forum on Sickness, Disability and Work: Addressing Policy Challenges in OECD Countries, 14-15 May 2009

    A High-Level Forum on Sickness, Disability and Work: Addressing Policy Challenges in OECD Countries will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on 14-15 May 2009.

  • 24-March-2009


    Obesity: past and projected future trends in OECD countries HWP 45

    'The Obesity Epidemic: Analysis of Past and Projected Future Trends in Selected OECD Countries' (2009) Franco Sassi, Marion Devaux, Michele Cecchini and Elena Rusticelli

  • 23-March-2009


    Long-term care workforce: overview

    In the context of ageing societies, the importance of long-term care (LTC) is growing in all OECD countries. This working paper offers an overview of the LTC workforce and reviews country responses to a growing demand for LTC workers.

  • 11-March-2009


    OECD Health Working Papers No. 43 - Measuring Disparities in Health Status and in Access and Use of Health Care in OECD Countries


  • 20-February-2009


    OECD Health Working Paper No. 42 - Policies for Healthy Ageing: An Overview

    This paper reviews policies in the area of healthy ageing. It begins by defining health ageing and related concepts, such as active ageing. The paper then groups healthy ageing policies under four types and describes their programmes for improving the health status of older people.

  • 30-January-2009


    Strategic options to finance pensions and healthcare in a rapidly ageing world

    Policy makers are now facing the challenge of providing a short-term response to the crisis without losing sight of the longer-term structural reforms needed to put pension and healthcare systems on a solid footing in light of population ageing. According to Mr. Gurría, we need pension funds to be more transparent and better regulated but we also need structural reforms in the public pension policies and health care systems.

  • 21-October-2008

    English, , 771kb

    Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies in Germany

    This paper (Health Working Paper No. 39) describes pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement policies in Germany, considering them in the broader environment in which they operate, and assesses their impact on the achievement of a number of policy goals.

  • 27-February-2007


    Facing the Future: Korea's Family, Pension and Health Policy Challenges

    This summary study looks at existing Korean family, health and pension policies from an international perspective and considers them in view of the emerging policy challenges in Korea. It was presented at a policy forum on Low fertility and Ageing Society, in September 2006 in Seoul.

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  • 3-April-2006


    Efficiency of Health Care Delivery: Co-ordination of Care

    Work in the area of efficiency is currently focusing on coordination-of-care policies as a tool for improving cost and quality outcomes. The study will cover the OECD countries and non-OECD countries that are members or prospective members of the European Union.

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  • 2-August-2005


    Long-term Care for Older People

    Long-term care is a cross-cutting policy issue that brings together a range of services for persons who are dependent on help with basic activities of daily living. How do governments in OECD countries respond to this growing demand? What has been done to improve access to long-term care, improve quality of services and make care affordable?

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