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  • 30-June-2012


    OECD Reviews of Health Systems - Russian Federation

    The review assesses the institutional arrangements and the performance of the Russian health system.

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  • 28-June-2012

    English, PDF, 416kb

    US health care system from an international perspective

    Data from OECD Health Data 2012 focusing on key US issues: why is the US health spending so high? Is US health spending higher due to higher prices or higher service provision? (or both?)? Is the quality of care better in the US? What are the trends in key risk factors to health in the US?

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  • 28-June-2012


    OECD Reviews of Health Systems: A series of country reports

    Those in-depth studies of the health system of member countries focus on economic issues. They assess the performance of health systems in a comparative context, identify the main challenges faced by the country health system and put forward policy options to better meet them. Reviews are initiated at the request of the country to be examined and emphasis is placed on specific issues of key policy interest.

  • 24-April-2012


    Health: the high cost of diabetes

    Across OECD countries some 83 million people suffer from diabetes. On current trends, that will rise to almost 100 million by 2030.

  • 5-April-2012

    English, , 2,854kb

    The diabetes epidemic and its impact on Europe

    Background document to the European Diabetes Leadership Forum (EDLF) in Copenhagen, 25-26 April 2012.

  • 27-February-2012


    European Diabetes Leadership Forum (EDLF), Copenhagen, 25-26 April 2012

    The European Diabetes Leadership Forum (EDLF), to be held in Copenhagen on 25-26 April 2012, is hosted by the OECD and the Danish Diabetes Association.

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  • 24-February-2012


    Economics of Public Health and Health Promotion

    OECD and the European Observatory on Heath Systems and Policies joined forces to conduct a study on the economics of public health and health promotion.

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  • 21-February-2012


    Obesity: Mardi Gras - how fat are people this Tuesday?

    More people in developed countries are overweight or obese than ever before, dooming them to years of ill-health and early death. New OECD data show however that in some countries obesity rates are slowing, and that’s good news for people’s health and government budgets.

  • 12-December-2011


    Employment: mental health issues rising in workplace, says OECD

    Mental illness is a growing problem in society and is increasingly affecting productivity and well-being in the workplace, according to a new OECD report.

  • 30-November-2011

    English, , 1,805kb

    Health Reform: Meeting the Challenge of Ageing and Multiple Morbidities

    The ageing of our societies is at the same time one of our greatest achievements and one of our biggest challenges. Increasingly people – and the health systems that serve them – have to cope with more than one chronic disease at a time, a situation known as multimorbidity.

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