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Help Wanted? Providing and Paying for Long-Term Care


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Help Wanted?

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As life expectancy pushes into the late 70s for men and well into the 80s for women, ever more people want help in order to be able to live their lives to the full for as long as possible.  How will demographic and labour market trends affect the supply of family and friends available to care for us? Can we rely on family carers as the sole source of support for frail seniors? Should family carers and friends be better supported, and if so how? Can we attract and retain care workers -- is it just a matter of paying them better? Will public finances be threatened by the cost of providing care in the future? What should be the balance between private responsibility and public support in care-giving? Can we reduce costs by improving efficiency of long-term care services?

ISBN: 978 92 64 0975 82 (print)

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336 pages, 20 tables, 56 graphs

Publication date:
June 2011


8-page Policy Brief

Summary and conclusions


Available in French, under the title "Besoin d'aide ? La prestation de services et le financement de la dépendance".


This report received financial assistance from the European Commission

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Table of contents


Chapter 1:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 1: Long-term Care: Growing Sector, Multifaceted Systems

Chapter 2:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 2: Sizing Up the Challenge Ahead: Future Demographic Trends and Long-term Care Costs

Chapter 3:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 3: The Impact of Caring on Family Carers

Chapter 4:


 Help Wanted? Chapter 4: Policies to Support Family Carers

Chapter 5:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 5: Long-Term Care Workers: Needed but Often Undervalued

Chapter 6:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 6: How to Prepare for the Future Long-term Care Workforce?

Chapter 7:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 7: Public Long-term Care Financing Arrangements in OECD Countries

Chapter 8:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 8: Private Long-term Care Insurance: A Niche or a “Big Tent”?

Chapter 9:

   Help Wanted? Chapter 9: Where To? Providing Fair Protection Against Long-term Care Costs and Financial Sustainability

Chapter 10:


 Help Wanted? Chapter 10: Can We Get Better Value for Money in Long-term Care?


“WHO recognizes that long-term care represents a major challenge for all countries in the world, with important implications for economic development and for the health and well-being of older people. This well-documented book provides a comparative analysis of the common challenges and diverse solutions OECD countries are adopting to respond to the growing demand for long-term care services, and particularly its implications for financing and labour markets. It provides much needed evidence to guide policy makers and individuals.”
Dr. John Beard, Director, Department of Ageing and Life Course, World Health Organization


“This carefully researched book offers invaluable data and insights into the organization and financing of long-term care in OECD countries. The book is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in international long-term care.”
Dr. Joshua M. Wiener, Distinguished Fellow and Program Director of RTI’s Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Care Program, United States


Key data on long-term care

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Public and private LTC expenditure in the OECD, 2008 and 2050 


Note: Private LTC spending is unavailable for some OECD countries

Source: Help Wanted Policy Brief, © OECD 2011


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Overviews of the long-term care situation in most OECD countries are available here. The notes are available in PDF format, in English unless mentioned otherwise.


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