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Published on November 04, 2015

Also available in: Spanish, French, Korean


This new edition of Health at a Glance presents the most recent comparable data on the performance of health systems in OECD countries. Where possible, it also reports data for partner countries (Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Federation and South Africa). Compared with the previous edition, this new edition includes a new set of dashboards of health indicators to summarise in a clear and user-friendly way the relative strengths and weaknesses of OECD countries on different key indicators of health and health system performance, and also a special focus on the pharmaceutical sector. This edition also contains new indicators on health workforce migration and on the quality of health care.

SUMMARIESavailable in 25 languages

English Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in English)
French Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in French) Panorama de la santé 2015
Spanish Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Spanish) Panorama de la salud 2015
German Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in German) Gesundheit auf einen Blick 2015
Japanese Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Japanese) 図表で見る医療2015年版
Italian Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Italian) Uno sguardo sulla sanità 2015
Chinese Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Chinese) 2015卫生概览
Czech Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Czech) Pohled na zdravotnictví 2015
Danish Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Danish) Sundhed 2015 - kort fortalt
Dutch Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Dutch) Gezondheid in een oogopslag 2015
Estonian Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Estonian) Tervis lähivaates 2015
Finnish Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Finnish) Terveyskatsaus 2015
Greek Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Greek) Η Υγεία με μια ματιά 2015
Hebrew Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Hebrew) בריאות במבט חטוף 2015
Hungarian Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Hungarian) Egészségügyi körkép 2015
Icelandic Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Icelandic) Heilbrigðismál í hnotskurn 2015
Korean Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Korean) 2015년 의료부문 개요
Norwegian Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Norwegian) Et blikk på helse – 2015
Polish Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Polish) Zdrowie w skrócie - 2015
Portuguese Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Portuguese) Panorama da Saúde 2015
Russian Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Russian) Панорама здравоохранения 2015
Slovak Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Slovak) Prehľad o zdraví 2015
Slovene Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Slovenian) Pogled na zdravstvo 2015
Swedish Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Swedish) Hälsopolitisk översikt 2015
Turkish Health at a Glance 2015 (Summary in Turkish) 2015 Tek Bakışta Sağlık


Executive Summary
Reader's guide
Dashboards of health indicators
Pharmaceutical spending trends and future challenges
Additional information on demographic and economic context, and health expenditure and financing
Health status10 chapters available
Life expectancy at birth
Life expectancy by sex and education level
Mortality from cardiovascular diseases
Mortality from cancer
Mortality from transport accidents
Infant mortality
Infant health: Low birth weight
Perceived health status
Cancer incidence
Non-medical determinants of health5 chapters available
Tobacco consumption among adults
Alcohol consumption among adults
Fruit and vegetable consumption among adults
Obesity among adults
Overweight and obesity among children
Health workforce9 chapters available
Doctors (overall number)
Doctors by age, sex and category
Medical graduates
International migration of doctors
Remuneration of doctors (general practitioners and specialists)
Nursing graduates
International migration of nurses
Remuneration of nurses
Health care activities9 chapters available
Consultations with doctors
Medical technologies
Hospital beds
Hospital discharges
Average length of stay in hospitals
Cardiac procedures
Hip and knee replacement
Caesarean sections
Ambulatory surgery
Access to care5 chapters available
Coverage for health care
Unmet needs for medical care and dental care
Out-of-pocket medical expenditure
Geographic distribution of doctors
Waiting times for elective surgery
Quality of care15 chapters available
Avoidable hospital admissions
Diabetes care
Prescribing in primary care
Mortality following acute myocardial infarction (AMI)
Mortality following stroke
Waiting times for hip fracture surgery
Surgical complications
Obstetric trauma
Care for people with mental health disorders
Screening, survival and mortality for cervical cancer
Screening, survival and mortality for breast cancer
Survival and mortality for colorectal cancer
Childhood vaccination programme
Influenza vaccination for older people
Patient experience with ambulatory care
Health expenditure and financing6 chapters available
Health expenditure per capita
Health expenditure in relation to GDP
Health expenditure by function
Financing of health care
Expenditure by disease and age
Capital expenditure in the health sector
Pharmaceutical sector6 chapters available
Pharmaceutical expenditure
Financing of pharmaceutical expenditure
Pharmacists and pharmacies
Pharmaceutical consumption
Share of generic market
Research and development in the pharmaceutical sector
Ageing and long-term care9 chapters available
Demographic trends
Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy at age 65
Self-reported health and disability at age 65
Dementia prevalence
Recipients of long-term care
Informal carers
Long-term care workers
Long-term care beds in institutions and hospitals
Long-term care expenditure
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press & overview information



Country-specific findings


Read the press releases issued by countries:

CanadaInternational Comparisons: A Focus on Diabetes (2015) from CIHI
Estonia: National Institute for Health Development, in Estonian
Finland: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, in Finnish, in Swedish and in English
Iceland: Directorate of Health, in Icelandic
: Ministry of Health, in Hebrew and in English; and Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, in Hebrew and in English
Netherlands: CBS-Statistics Netherlands, in English
: Statistics Norway, in Norwegian
: National Institute of Public Health, in Slovenian


Key presentations and data

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