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The OECD Child Well-Being Portal is a platform for conducting policy-oriented research on children, enhancing child well-being and promoting equal opportunities among children. As policy interventions for children in OECD countries increasingly overarch traditional policy fields, demand has grown for better comparative information across a range of children's outcomes. The Portal also includes the OECD Child Well-Being Data Portal, which gathers data and information from different sources on child well-being outcomes and policies. 


Poor children in rich countries: why we need policy action

Today, nearly 1 in 7 children lives in poverty on average in the OECD, and children often face higher poverty risks than other population groups. Rates are especially high in Chile, Israel, Spain, Turkey and the United States, where more than one in five children live in income poverty. This is almost seven times higher than the rate in Denmark. To tackle the issue, this policy brief says that a significant reduction in child poverty can be achieved through better coverage and targeting of benefits towards poor children. Among the other recommendations are making work pay for both parents and ensuring that tax/benefit systems provide first and second earners in couple families with equally strong financial incentives to work to encourage parental employment and durably protect children against poverty. Enhancing access to affordable all-day childcare after parental leave is also important so that low-income parents can stay in employment and work full-time (Click here to download all figures and data in Ms-Excel).

OECD Child Well-Being Data Portal

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Ongoing work

Ongoing OECD work aims at identifying policies to promote the well-being of children in the context of policy concerns about unequal opportunities and declining social mobility observed in many OECD countries. 

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See here a list of OECD data resources, other websites, as well as a complete list of OECD publications and reports related to child well-being.

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