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Labour Market Policies and the Public Employment Service: Proceedings of the Prague Conference, July 2000


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    ISBN: 9264189831
    Publication: 01/02/2001
    416 pages

Proceedings of the Prague Conference, July 2000 Proponents of an active labour market policy are now claiming part of the credit for large falls in structural unemployment rates that have occurred in some OECD countries. Advances in information technology which facilitate matching job-seekers to jobs, modern management methods, and a favourable economic climate in recent years have encouraged innovative approaches and created new opportunities for the Public Employment Service to help the unemployed return to work.
This book presents the proceedings of a conference on Labour Market Policies and the Public Employment Service organised jointly by the OECD and the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Among the themes addressed are: front-line employment service operations, one-stop offices and decentralised management; customer service and employer service; the advanced use of information technology; eligibility conditions for unemployment benefits; job guarantees for the long-term unemployed and other strategies of intervention in the unemployment spell; and improving the accountability of the Public Employment Service through external audits, the use of performance indicators, appropriate financing mechanisms, and contestability in the provision of services. The papers reflect the views of key actors - politicians, senior officials from national labour ministries and employment services, front-line managers, and prominent academic experts - on these important issues.

Table of Contents

This book publishes papers which were originally presented to a conference on “Labour Market Policies and the Public Employment Service: Lessons from Recent Experience and Directions for the Future” held in Prague, Czech Republic, on 3-4 July 2000. The conference was organised by the OECD's Directorate for Education, Employment Labour and Social Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

  • Labour Market Policies and the Public Employment Service: Main Characteristics and New Challenges
    by the OECD Secretariat
  • External Audits of the Public Employment Service in the 1990s
    by the OECD Secretariat
  • Part I. The Labour Exchange Function of the Public Employment Service
    A “Model” Local Employment Office in Portugal
    by António Charana and Vítor Rodrigues
    Computer Touchscreen and Internet Job-broking Services
    by Eddy Vercammen and Edy Geerts
    Marketing to Employers in the Netherlands
    by Jeannette van Yperen
    One-Stop Statecraft: Restructuring Workforce Development Programs in the United States
    by David E. Balducchi and Alison J. Pasternak
  • Part II. Unemployment Benefits and Activation Measures
    Some Conflicts between Employment Policy and Social Policy in the Czech Republic
    by Milan Horálek
    Eligibility Criteria for Unemployment Benefits
    by David Grubb
    Monitoring and Assisting Active Job Search
    by Patricia M. Anderson
    From Restart to the New Deal in the United Kingdom
    by William Wells
    The Active Labour Market Policy in Denmark
    by Inge Mærkedahl
    The Activation and Qualification of Social Assistance Recipients in Oslo
    by Nina Backer-Røed and Lars Mannsåker
    Activation: The Point of View of Clients and “Front line” Staff
    by Dan Finn and Martin Blackmore
  • Part III. Design and Implementation Issues for Active Labour Market Policies
    How can we Make Active Policies more Effective? The Role of Organisation, Implementation and Optimal Allocation in Active Labour Market Policy
    by Jaap de Koning
    Implementation Issues in Finland: Experiences, Developments and Context of Labour Market Policy Measures
    by Dr. Heikki Räisänen
  • Part IV. Structure of the Public Employment Service
    Introduction of Contestability in the Delivery of Employment Services in Australia
    by Leslie Riggs
    Labour Market Policies and Employment Services in Canada: A New Collaborative Approach
    by the Employment Programs Branch

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