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Delivering Quality Health Services: A Global Imperative

Published on July 05, 2018

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Universal health coverage (UHC) aims to provide health security and universal access to essential care services without financial hardship to individuals, families and communities. UHC enables a transition to more productive and equitable societies and economies and is enshrined in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But UHC should not be implemented without considering the quality of the care provided. Quality means care that is effective, safe, people-centered, timely, equitable, integrated and efficient. High-quality care improves health outcomes and reduces waste. It is integral to a high-value, sustainable health system. Universal access to high-quality health care is not a luxury only rich countries can afford. It can be achieved in all settings with strong leadership, planning and implementation. The returns are worth the investment. While significant progress has been made to improve care quality has been made, more effort is needed in both developing and developed countries. This report describes the current situation with regard to UHC and global quality of care, and outlines the steps governments, health services and their workers, together with citizens and patients need to urgently take.

webinar - JULY 9, 2018

Global Webinar organized by the World Health Organization, World Bank and OECD on Monday 9 July 2018, 14:00-15:00 CEST/08:00-09:00 EST

As countries commit to achieving universal health coverage by 2030, there is a growing acknowledgement that optimal health care cannot be delivered by simply ensuring coexistence of infrastructure, medical supplies and health care providers. Improvement in health care delivery requires a deliberate focus on quality of health services.
This is highlighted in the first-ever global report on quality co-authored by WHO, OECD and the World Bank, entitled “Delivering Quality Health Services: A Global Imperative for Universal Health Coverage”. On the occasion of the official web launch of the report, join the webinar to hear more from the world leaders on the topic!


Duration: 1 hour




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