Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs

Building an EU Talent Pool

A New Approach to Migration Management‎ for Europe

Published on March 26, 2019

How can the European Union become more attractive for talented professionals looking for job opportunities worldwide? Can EU-level action support employers, private and public stakeholders in each Member State to better leverage international recruitment into the Single Market? This report presents a new overview of the obstacles that continue to hamper the attraction and recruitment of skills from outside Europe, and discusses the role of both public and private initiatives to help overcome these barriers. It provides a comparative analysis of the Expression of Interest (EoI) system of migration management as implemented in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and assesses its potential to address the needs of the European labour migration system. The report presents several options and variants for adapting the EoI, step by step and EU-wide, and examines their feasibility, constraints and advantages.


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Key findings
International job matching for labour migration: bridges and divides
Building blocks of a migration management tool
Scenarios for the adaptation of the EOI System to the EU context
Conclusion: rethinking the EoI for European challenges
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The Migration Policy Debate "The Expression of Interest Model: What Lessons for Migration Management in the EU and elsewhere?" reviews experience of Australia, Canada and New Zealand with the implementation of the Expression of Interest system. It identifies where the innovation of the EoI model lies, and discusses how and under which circumstances EoI can be adapted and adjusted to achieve the objectives set by economic migration policy in other OECD countries, especially in Europe.