Predefined Tables and Executive Summaries

This LINK shows 11 predefined tables, which are provided for optional upload into the appropriate rich text fields indicated in the file name, i.e. of parts Materials and Methods (ME), Results and Discussion (RS) or Overall Remarks (OV). Adapt/modify predefined table(s) as appropriate.

This link also shows 3 predefined executive summaries for optional upload into the rich text field 'Executive summary'. Adapt/modify as appropriate. Currently, only text for executive summaries that are used within the Canada and US pesticides programmes are available as samples. Additional sample text, developed for other programmes, may be available in the future.

XML files (schema and schematron): Files temporarily unavailable. They will be issued in the course of 2015 together with the full set of changes to the templates. We apologise for this inconvenience during the transition period. 

Corresponding OECD Test Guidelines: OECD Guideline 451 (Carcinogenicity Studies), OECD Guideline 453 (Combined Chronic Toxicity / Carcinogenicity Studies)


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