Biodegradation in water: screening tests



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Corresponding OECD Test Guideline(s): OECD Guideline 301 (Ready Biodegradability - 6 methods), OECD Guideline 302 A (Inherent Biodegradability: Modified SCAS Test), OECD Guideline 302 B (Inherent Biodegradability: Zahn-Wellens/EMPA Test), OECD Guideline 302 C (Inherent Biodegradability: Modified MITI Test (II)), OECD Guideline 310 (Ready Biodegradability - CO2 in Sealed Vessels (Headspace Test)), OECD Guideline 311 (Anaerobic Biodegradability of Organic Compounds in Digested Sludge: Measurement of Gas Production)  


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