In a subchronic neurotoxicity study [MRID XXXXXXXX], [Chemical name] ([xx]% purity) was administered to [xx strain/species /sex/group] at [dose/route of administration (mean compound intake)] for [duration of administration].  Neurobehavioral assessment (functional observation battery and motor activity testing) was performed in [number] animals/sex/group [at what time points]. [If applicable] Cholinesterase activity was determined by the [?] method in X rats/sex/dose, in plasma and erythrocytes [at what time points], and in [# of regions or whole] brain [at what time points].  At study termination, [how many?] animals/sex/group were euthanized and perfused [in situ] for neuropathological examination.  Of the perfused animals, [how many from which groups?] were subjected to histopathological evaluation of brain and peripheral nervous system tissues.


[any additional measures should be included in procedures section above]


Discuss findings at low, mid- and high doses. Include only major treatment related clinical signs, body weight or brain weight changes or gross and histopathology or neuropathology, including onset and/or duration if any, or the following statement:  There were no treatment related effects on mortality, clinical signs, body weight, brain weight or gross and histologic pathology or neuropathology.  FOB testing revealed no treatment-related effects. Note if there was a NOAEL for acute neurotoxicity (for Acute reference dose consideration during subsequent risk assessment.)


Based on the effects seen in this study, the LOAEL was [xxx (based on xxx]), with a NOAEL of [xxx].


[If applicable]

The LOAEL for plasma cholinesterase inhibition was [xxx], with a NOAEL of [xxx].

The LOAEL for erythrocyte cholinesterase inhibition was [xxx], with a NOAEL of [xxx]

The LOAEL for brain cholinesterase inhibition was [xxx], with a NOAEL of [xxx].