In an immunotoxicity study (MRID if available) [Chemical name (% a.i.)] was administered to [(# of animals) species, strain]/sex/dose in [diet, water, by capsule, by gavage] at dose levels of 0, x, x, x ppm (0, x, x, x mg/kg bw/day).  [Briefly describe protocol, including parameters examined and test groups used for each parameter].


[Describe toxicity briefly following instructions for exec summary paragraph 2.  If there is no toxicity, state that there were no compound related effects in mortality, clinical signs, body weight, food consumption, hematology, clinical chemistry, organ weights, gross pathology, histopathology, immunotoxicity.  (Note if there was a NOAEL for clinical findings (for Acute reference dose consideration during subsequent risk assessment)].  The LOAEL for immunotoxicity is    , based on    .  The NOAEL for immunotoxicity is   .