In a (strain) mouse [or rats or other acceptable mammalian species] bone marrow micronucleus assay (MRID if avalable), (number/sex/dose) were treated [route] with Chemical name (% a.i.) at doses of 0, x, x, x  mg/kg bw.  Bone marrow cells were harvested at (list hours) post-treatment.  The vehicle was (state vehicle)(Note the route of exposure and if acute or multiple dosing)


There were (no) signs of toxicity (list if present) during the study.  [Note, the signs of cytotoxicity, if present, and the quantitative evidence for a positive micronucleus response, if any].  Chemical name was (not) tested at an adequate dose (based on     ). The positive control induced the appropriate response.  There was (not) a significant increase in the frequency of micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes in bone marrow after any treatment time.


This study is classified as [acceptable or unacceptable(why)].  This study satisfies (does not satisfy) the requirement for Test Guideline OPPTS 870.5395; OECD 474 for in vivo cytogenetic mutagenicity data.

[If it does not satisfy the requirement, concisely list only major deficiencies or refer to deficiency section.]