In a mammalian cell gene mutation assay [specify locus] (MRID if available), [cell type] cells cultured in vitro were exposed to [Chemical name, (% a.i.), include solvent if appropriate] at concentrations of  x, x, x, x Fg/mL in the presence and absence of mammalian metabolic activation [specify]


Chemical name was tested [up to cytotoxic/insoluble/limit concentrations (i.e., 5000 Fg/mL, 5 FL/mL, or 0.01 M), include other details as appropriate. Some quantitation here e.g., induced mutation frequency of 582x10-6 vs. 78x10-6 in controls at the top concentration].  The positive controls (did/did not) induce the appropriate response.  There was (no) evidence (or a concentration related positive response) of induced mutant colonies over background.


This study is classified as [acceptable or unacceptable(why)].  This study satisfies (does not satisfy) the requirement for Test Guideline OPPTS 870.5300, OECD 476 for in vitro mutagenicity (mammalian forward gene mutation) data.  [If it does not satisfy the requirement, concisely list only major deficiencies or refer to deficiency section.]