In a subchronic inhalation toxicity study (MRID [number]) [Chemical name, (% a.i.)] was administered to [(# of animals) species, strain]/sex/concentration by [nose only, head only or whole body] exposure at concentrations of 0, x, x, x  mg/L for   x   hours per day,  x   days/week for a total of   x  days (include concentrations in units reported in the study as well as mg/L conversion).


[Describe toxicity briefly.  If there is no toxicity, state that there were no compound related effects in mortality, clinical signs, body weight, food consumption, hematology, clinical chemistry, organ weights, or gross and histologic pathology]The LOAEL is      , based on           .  The NOAEL is    .


This subchronic toxicity study in the (species) is [acceptable, unacceptable(why); note if it is a range-finding study] and satisfies (does not satisfy) the guideline requirement (OECD 412) for a subchronic inhalation study  in the [species].   [If it does not satisfy the requirement, concisely list only major deficiencies or refer to deficiency section.]