In a primary eye irritation study [MRID (number)], (volume or weight applied) of (formulation, note a.i. and %) in (name of vehicle if appropriate, or undiluted test material) was instilled into the conjunctival sac of (which eye) of (#/sex)(strain) (species - rabbits) (source, age, weight) for [#] hours.  (Note if eyes were washed)  Animals were then observed for [#] days.  Irritation was scored by the method of (cite method).


(Very briefly note type, severity and duration of irritation, reversibility.  Quantification is usually not needed.  List day all scores = 0).  In this study, formulation (is not) an eye irritant. OR is minimally, mildly, moderately, severely, extremely irritating OR corrosive to the eye based on [(indicate basis - list MAS (of 24, 48 and 72 hrs) and MIS (state time recorded)][include EPA Toxicity Category I, II, III, IV if joint review].  Label comment if applicable.