In a primary eye irritation study [MRID (number)], (volume or weight applied) of   chemical name (% a.i.) in (name of vehicle if appropriate) was instilled into the conjunctival sac of (which eye)(young adult) (strain) (species - rabbits) (#/sex) for [#] hours.  (Note if eyes were washed.)  Animals then were observed for [#] days.  Irritation was scored by the method of (cite method).


(Very briefly note type, severity and duration of irritation.  Quantitation is usually not needed).   In this study, (chemical name) (is not) an eye irritant OR (is minimally, mildly, moderately, severely, extremely irritating) to the eye based on (indicate basis)[include EPA Toxicity Category I, II, III or IV if joint review].  Label comment if applicable.