In an acute inhalation toxicity study (MRID [number]), groups (#/sex) of strain, species (source), (age, weight) were exposed (nose only, head only or whole body) via the inhalation route to (formulation, note a.i. and %) in (name of vehicle or undiluted test article) for [#] hours at concentrations of  ,  , or    mg/L.  Animals were then observed for [#] days.


LC50 Males =    mg/L (95% C.I. if available)

            Females =    mg/L (95% C.I. if available)

            Combined =    mg/L (95% C.I. if available)

            (or note if no mortality occurred, note if limit test)


Formulation is classified as being of (LOW, SLIGHT, MODERATE, HIGH) Toxicity based on (males or females which ever is lower, or lack of deaths at the limit dose)[include EPA Toxicity Category I, II, III, IV if joint review].  Label comment if applicable.


(Include only major treatment related clinical signs, body weight or necropsy signs including onset and/or duration if any, or the following statement:  There were no treatment related clinical signs, necropsy findings or changes in body weight.)