In a metabolism study (MRID [number if available]) [Chemical name (% a.i.), include location of radioactive label] was administered to [(# of animals) species, strain]/sex/dose in [single (or multiple - OECD 5.1.3, EPA Tier II), method of exposure: eg. by gavage] at dose levels of 0, x, x [mg/kg (bw/day if repeat-dose) or other relevant units].


[Include: recoveries and routes of elimination of radioactivity and time frame as they relate to absorption and excretion of the compound; radioactivity in organs of concern if appropriate, especially as it relates to bioaccumulation; sex and treatment group differences; bile duct cannulation data (EPA Tier II) and expired air radioactivity; major metabolites; other major factors.]


This metabolism study in the (species) is classified [acceptable or unacceptable (why)] and satisfies (does not satisfy) the guideline requirement for a metabolism study (OPPTS 870.7485); OECD 417 in [species].  [If unacceptable, concisely list only major deficiencies or refer to deficiency section.]