The [one generation] reproductive toxicity of {test material} to groups of [indicate the number] pairs of X-day-old {species} was assessed over XX days in accordance with the (specify the guideline followed). {Test material} was administered to the birds in the diet at {indicate test concentrations} mg a.i./kg dw diet. The NOEC of {test material} to the {species} based on the reproductive parameters was XX mg a.i./kg dw diet, when compared to the control.


[Describe toxicity to parental generation including, behavioral abnormalities and other signs of toxicity. Describe any avoidance of treated diet, etc.]


[Describe toxicity on reproductive parameters including effects on egg production, hatching and growth of hatchlings.]


This toxicity study is classified as {acceptability classification e.g. acceptable/ unacceptable/ supplementary} and {satisfies/does not satisfy} the guideline requirement for a {species} reproductive toxicity study.


Results Synopsis


Test Organism Size/Age (mean weight):


NOEC: {.. mg a.i./kg dw diet}

LOEC: {.. mg a.i./kg dw diet} Endpoint(s) Effected: {}