The acute dietary toxicity of {test material} to X-d-old {common name and scientific name} was assessed over X days in accordance with the {specify the guideline followed.}. {Test material} was administered to the birds {enter the number of birds per treatment} in the diet at {indicate concentrations} mg a.i./kg dw of diet. The day acute dietary LC50 was mg a.i./kg dw of diet. The day NOEC of {test material} based on {endpoint} was mg a.i./kg dw of diet. According to the US EPA classification, {test material} would be classified as [toxicity classification] to {common name} on an acute dietary basis.


[Briefly describe toxicity including mortality, behavioral abnormalities, and other signs of toxicity. Describe any avoidance of treated diet and its relation to the test material. If there was no toxicity, state that there were no compound-related effects.]


This toxicity study is classified as {acceptability classification e.g. acceptable/ unacceptable/supplementary} and {satisfies/does not satisfy} the guideline requirement for [indicate study type and species].


Results Synopsis


Test Organism Size/Age (mean weight):


LC50: {.mg a.i./kg diet} 95% C.I.: { to mg a.i./kg diet}

NOEC: {.mg a.i./kg diet} Probit Slope: {}

Endpoint(s) Effected: {}