In a – day acute toxicity study, the freshwater {floating/submersed/immersed} aquatic vascular plants (common and scientific names) were exposed to {test material} at {nominal/measured} concentrations of {0, x1, x2, … xn mg a.i./L} under static or renewal conditions in accordance with the … {specify the guideline followed}.  The ---- day NOEC or EC05 and EC50/IC50 values based on frond number/dry weight {or other endpoints} were --- and --- mg a.i./L, respectively.  The % growth inhibition in the treated culture as compared to the control ranged from --- to ---.


The following abnormalities were noted:  (list abnormalities that may include any change in frond development or appearance, unusual frond/leaf/plant shape or size, colour differences, precipitation in the test solution, aggregation of fronds or stimulation).  [If toxicity and abnormalities were not observed, state “There were no compound related phytotoxic effects..”]


This toxicity study is classified as [enter acceptability classification e.g. acceptable/ unacceptable/supplementary) and {satisfies/does not satisfy} the guideline requirement for {indicate study type and species} toxicity study.


Results Synopsis


Test Organism:

Test Type (Flowthrough, Static, Static Renewal):


--- day EC05:  {--- mg a.i./L)                   95% C.I.:  {--- to --- mg a.i./L}

--- day EC50/IC50:  {--- mg a.i./L)          95% C.I.:  {--- to --- mg a.i./L}

--- day NOEC:  {--- mg a.i./L}                 Probit Slope:  {-----}

Endpoint(s) Effected:  {------}