The 21-day-chronic toxicity of {test chemical} to {test species} was studied under {static renewal/flow through} conditions.  Daphnids were exposed to {control, solvent control, and test chemical at {nominal/measured} concentrations of x1,  x2, x3,……. xn mg a.i./L.  The 21 day LC50/EC50 based on mortality/sublethal effect was x mg a.i./L.  The 21-day NOEC based on {sublethal effect; specify the effect} was y mg a.i./L.  The sublethal effects included were {provide a list of these effects}.  Production of offsprings in the treated groups indicated that {test chemical} had or did not have an effect on the reproduction at concentrations greater than {x mg a.i./L}.  The most sensitive end point was {specify}.


This study is classified as {enter acceptability classification e.g. acceptable/unacceptable/ supplementary} and {satisfies/does not satisfy} the guideline requirements for a chronic toxicity study with freshwater invertebrates.


Results Synopsis


Test Organism Age (e.g. 1st instar):

Test Type (Flowthrough Static, Static Renewal):


NOEL:  {……mg a.i./L}

LOEC:  {……mg a.i./L}                     Endpoint(s) Effected:  {…………}