In a 96-h acute toxicity study, {common name and scientific name} were exposed to {test chemical} at {nominal and measured} concentrations of {0 (control, solvent control), x1, x2, x3,xn mg a.i./L} under static/flow through conditions. The 96-h LC50 was mg a.i./L. The EC50 and NOEC values, based on mortality/sublethal effects, were and mg a.i./L, respectively. Sublethal effects of {list effects} were observed in the groups exposed to [list corresponding concentration(s)] of {test material}. Based on the results of this study, {test material} would be classified as {toxicity classification} to {test species} in accordance with the classification system of the U.S. EPA.


This toxicity study is classified as {acceptability classification e.g. acceptable/ unacceptable/supplementary} and {satisfies/does not satisfy} the guideline requirement for [indicate study type and species] toxicity study.


Results Synopsis


Test organism size/age (mean wet weight or length):

Test Type (Flowthrough, Static, Static Renewal):


LC50: {.. mg a.i./L} 95% C.I.: {. to mg a.i./L}

NOEL: {. mg a.i./L} Probit Slope: {}

EC50: {.. mg a.i./L} 95% C.I.: {. to mg a.i./L}

Endpoint(s) Effected: {..}