Table x: Summary table of experimental data on the effectiveness of the active substance against target organisms at different fields of use envisaged, where applicable


Field of use envisaged

Test substance

Test organism(s)

Test method

Test conditions

Test results: effects, mode of action, resistance


[Include respective code(s) for function type(s) if any]

[Include respective code(s) for product type(s) if any]

[Describe specifi­cation]

[Specify species, strain, sex, weight, growth stage etc. as appropriate]

[Shortly describe test system and application method used in the tests]

[Shortly describe test conditions including concentrations applied and exposure time]

[Describe relevant results; quantify the effects on target organisms; indicate the dependence on the concentrations of the A.S. and the possible existence of a threshold concentration.

Also describe if results indicate the mode of action and/or the development of resistance.]

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*) References:

[List the references cited in alphabetical order with full bibliographic data (Author(s) (year) Title. Source)]